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Volcanoes are the Original Start-Ups

June 27, 2016

Now that we have 3 years behind us and a strong penetration into the worldwide market, I get asked a lot of questions about how we were able to get a new innovation out there with so much power.    The answer is, it took an extraordinary amount of fuel and specific kind of energy.  This reminds me of a volcano forming a new island in the ocean.  I am sure you have seen the energy, heat and power that is released in order to create that new piece of land in the cool ocean.  My team and I had to generate this same kind of energy inside of ourselves.  The heat is what melts the stone to liquid so it...

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Now That You Are Gaining Traction, What’s Next?

November 05, 2015

I hear a familiar question from budding entrepreneurs all over the country: when your product gets into some of the biggest retailers and distributors in the world, can you sit back, relax, and collect the checks? Not even close. The practical trapping of reality rears its ugly head and the day-to-day tasks only multiply. Unfortunately, most entrepreneurs don’t get paid much in the early and even mid years. It’s a long and complicated journey. Building a company is a marathon, not a sprint. When we first started, we had an investor tell me that I would always be raising money at least for the first 5-7 years. He was right. Half of my work is raising capital to maintain what...

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