Barrel Bolt Locks

AjustLock 2 Inch Zinc Barrel Bolt Window Lock
2" Barrel Bolt Window Lock (out of stock) $5.25
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AjustLock 2.5 Inch Zinc Barrel Bolt Lock
2.5" Barrel Bolt Lock $5.95
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AjustLock 3 Inch Zinc Barrel Bolt Lock
3" Barrel Bolt Lock $6.25
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AjustLock 4 inch brass bolt lock
4" Barrel Bolt Lock $6.95
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AjustLock Heavy Duty 4 Inch Barrel Bolt Lock
4" Heavy Duty Barrel Bolt Lock $9.25
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Heavy Duty 5 Inch Zinc Barrel Bolt Lock
5" Zinc Extra Heavy Duty Barrel Bolt Lock $11.95
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6" Heavy Duty Barrel Bolt Lock
6" Heavy Duty Barrel Bolt Lock $10.95
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Heavy Duty Slide Barrel Bolt Lock
8" Zinc Extra Heavy Duty Barrel Bolt Lock $13.95
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Slide Bolt Lock (Zinc)
Slide Bolt Lock (Zinc) $13.95
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The AjustLock Barrel Bolt

Ajustco's flagship product, is a simple solution to a common hardware problem that has been hassling people for years.

Ajustco's solution is less complicated, makes our lives easier, and ensures that the simple lock will be used for years to come.

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Vote for AjustLock: Video Contest for National Hardware Show

April 18, 2014

We have entered into a video challenge contest for the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas.  We need your votes to win!  Visit this page and scroll down to find our video.  To vote, simply enter an email address and click the vote button.  Thank you for your continued support.

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Year One Summary

April 15, 2014

Ajustlock’s official Year 1 in the market has come to a close as of April 1st 2014.  What a wild ride!  You just can’t predict what will happen to a start-up.  We thought we would be in a totally different place at this time.  We weren’t supposed to start having conversations with large retailers until the middle of year 2.  We are gearing up to have product into 500+ big box stores by September 2014.  The original plan was to approach all of the small retailers for the first 18 months and we had to switch gears quickly to respond appropriately to the demand of the market. This little piece of metal has taken us to Australia, China, Hong Kong,...

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Product Development

January 30, 2014

Let’s talk about Product development.  This is such an enigma to the inexperienced, which I am moving away from toward its opposite.  Only through trial and error am I learning to manage this process efficiently.  The large corporations of the world have the luxury of years of experience, endless funds, and highly skilled teams to materialize a thought into a sketch and then into a quality product ready for the store shelves. I have not had such a luxury.  I just finished up my 3rd trip to China all in less than 12 months.  This latest trip lasted 3 weeks and was the most fruitful yet regarding our product development.  I was able to rigorously test our product, find its...

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