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Arman RoustaCo-Founder & CMO

In the early days, post idea-conception, Jason approached his colleague and friend, Arman Rousta, for an potential investment in AjustLock. Arman decided to come on board as the second Co-Founder, in exchange for his startup building expertise, and on the promise of building out AjustLock’s marketing strategy as its Operational Manager and Marketing Strategist. Arman solicited the support of a full-fledged Blueliner project team to execute the marketing strategy. B-Labs, Blueliner's incubator division, invested in Ajustco during the critical two year period of initial seed fund-raising. Having launched several successful startups over the past 15 years, including the patent and sale of Exeter Technologies’ Park-Zone product to a public manufacturing company, Arman is a resourceful and balanced marketing executive who knows how to build stand-out brands.

Arman is a serial entrepreneur, and most recently the Founder and CEO of Blueliner Marketing, a leading digital marketing agency headquartered in New York City. He is responsible for strategic planning, general management, Blueliner Lab’s software R&D, and the company’s expansion into new markets, such as Latin America, Europe and Asia.

Arman also founded 401kid, a web-based financial advisory firm that helps parents save for their children’s college education, in 2000.  Given his entrepreneurial success, Arman has been featured in media over the years, including Crain’ s NY, CNN Money, Wall Street Journal, NY Times, Time Magazine, Popular Mechanics, and others. Arman is a strong believer in ethical and Conscious business practice, which emanates in Blueliner’ s operating principles and his leadership values, which are expressed through his business and personal blogs.

Prior to founding 401kid and Blueliner, Arman spent five years as Co-Founder and COO of Exeter Technologies, a New York based automotive electronics firm. Arman was a contributing inventor to several Exeter products and guided the launch of the popular Park Zone by devising the marketing strategy, a training program, and an international sales force responsible for $7.5 million in sales over a two- year period. Park-Zone was sold in 1999 to publicly-held manufacturing company Measurement Specialties, Inc (AMEX: MSS)

Arman holds degrees in Economics-Political Science and Psychology from Columbia University, where he led the Men’ s Soccer Team to an Ivy League Championship and attained Academic All-Ivy Honors.

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