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Blueliner Marketing, LLCMarketing Partner

Blueliner is a leading marketing agency headquartered in New York City, with offices in India, Bangladesh, China and Macedonia, and presence as well in Mexico, Vietnam and Russia. Blueliner is recognized most for its ability to integrate digital and traditional marketing, strategic positioning, ROI methodologies and cost-effective technical solutions – all under one roof. Blueliner has worked with businesses of various sizes, across all major industries, nationally and globally, including successful Fortune 500 companies, including PVH/IZOD and Lufthansa; featured in some of the most popular media publications; chaired and presented keynote speeches at various conferences and seminars; and recently had capital infused by a large multinational agency (Global Advertising Strategies) in Nov. 2009.

As CEO of Blueliner, Arman has the ability to direct the company's collective expertise towards AjustLock's marketing campaigns. Jason and Arman decided to allocate a percentage AjustLock's current shares to Blueliner, in exchange for the use of a reasonable amount of Blueliner's resources, such as office space, marketing research and web design support. Blueliner is an entrepreneurial company that is comprised of top notch web designers, developers, marketing strategists, analytics experts, project managers, and senior executives. Our breadth of knowledge and experience is highlighted in our 7 Pillars of Digital Strategy, methodology, which is becoming well-known across the Internet industry.

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