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Investors of Ajustco



Ajustco's investors are a dynamic group of entrepreneurs, angel investors, marketing agencies and general contractors.  Our investors are hands-on and strategically involved in the company's operations. Here are some investor highlights.

  • IT Billionaire, who was a first 5 CIO and manager at one of the most successful IT companies in the world.
  • Marketing Agencies - one leading digital strategy firm, and another top-tier production studio, that handles post-production for some of Hollywood's big name films.
  • Manufacturer & Quality Assurance Firm - Ajustco's product line and supply chain are looked after by one of it's primary investors, which flies to China regularly to oversee the manufacturing of the product, and then receives product in the US, tests it for quality, and finally, handles the fulfillment process. 
  • General Contractors - the professional market is as important to Ajustco as the consumer market.  Our Contractor partners are paving the way towards big purchase orders of AjustLock by leading sourcing agents and real estate companies.

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