About Us

Jason Stile - CEO

AjustLock is the brainchild of Jason Stile, an inventive handyman who literally dreamt up the solution to this common security problem while volunteering on a building project. He encountered the typical problem of door misalignment that impacted the ability to properly utilize the existing (traditional) barrel bolt lock to secure the door. Soon thereafter, the idea for AjustLock came upon him...

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Jamie Walsh - COO of Ajustco

Jamie Walsh - COO

Jamie Walsh joined Ajustco with thirty years of experience in the commercial construction industry. His knowledge of core and shell commercial interiors, retail, hospitality, institutional and luxury residential construction in New York City have provided him with a diverse history.

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Juliet Zheng - CPO

A longtime Blueliner officer, Juliet manages a diverse group of product and packaging development specialists and is a leading force behind Ajustco China Operations.

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Stone - Production Quality Control Engineer

With fifteen years of engineering experience in manufacturing, Stone joined the Ajustco team as Engineer in Production Quality Control.

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Rosemarie Ramsumair - CAO

Rosemarie Ramsumair was brought on the Ajustco team in 2017 as a Business Manager involved in the core aspects of the business including finances, marketing, sales and production. She works closely with both Jason Stile and Jamie Walsh in the day to day operations of the company.

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Ajustco Investors


Ajustco's investors are a dynamic group of entrepreneurs, angel investors, marketing agencies and general contractors. Our investors are hands-on and strategically involved in the company's operations.

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President and CEO of Snappy Corporation

George Judd  Advisor

George is a President, CEO, and change management executive with an outstanding record of leading restructurings, spin-offs, and turnaround situations. He is passionate about developing people and is recognized as a strong customer advocate, spending significant time visiting customers of all sizes to understand their market needs. He brings a background in operations, sales, and marketing and expertise with private-equity and public companies, IPOs, and M&A.

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This team has come together to create A.Just.Co.mpany (for short, Ajustco), one that has the passion and know-how to turn a good idea into an honest, problem-solving and revenue-generating product company.