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Now that we have 3 years behind us and a strong penetration into the worldwide market, I get asked a lot of questions about how we were able to get a new innovation out there with so much power. The answer is, it took an extraordinary amount of fuel and specific kind of energy. 

This reminds me of a volcano forming a new island in the ocean.  I am sure you have seen the energy, heat and power that is released in order to create that new piece of land in the cool ocean. 

Ajustco team and I had to generate this same kind of energy inside of ourselves.  The heat is what melts the stone to liquid so it can be moved and reformed into the new land.  This heat is the desire, persistence, and dedication to see the project through all of the obstacles and hurdles, whether external or internal.  Often fear and doubt are the toughest obstacles to overcome.  The rock is the idea that was formed out of thought energy.  The process has to be fluid in order to grow but with a ton of energy behind it otherwise it won’t move.

The new island then needs time to cool and time for plant life to grow onto it which is when it becomes useful to the organisms who will live there.  A start up also need a certain amount of time for it to grow. There is daily effort but patience is so key.  All the while you are staying present in each moment giving it your best, at the same time there is a small part of you that is connected to the success that you are striving for.  It is simply staying connected to your vision while getting your hands dirty each and every day.

At some point if you follow the hidden rules, put in the correct amount of energy for the right amount of time and survive the fury of the elements you will eventually have a fully functioning company which corresponds to that newly formed Island with Nature flourishing on it.

We can learn a lot from a Volcano if we mimic its creative power in our start-up.  Harmonizing with Nature is key because She has the Blueprint for everything.  There are certain rules that Nature follows in Her creations and we must be in harmony with those rules if we want Her support.  I don’t want to say too much so I will leave the rest for you to experience on your journey.

Happy building to all of the start-up adventurers out there.