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The 7 Pillars of Digital Marketing for Service Providers 
Tuesday, Jan 19 | 3:15 – 3:45 PM

Event Type: Presentation

Location: Remodelers Central

Presenter(s): Arman Rousta, BlueLiner Marketing CEO, Author of the Book Seven Pillars of Digital Marketing

How much should I be paying for a new prospective client lead?  What is the best approach to Email Marketing?  What other competitors are my prospects considering?  Should I be active on Social Media?  Get the answers to these questions and more by learning a system called The 7 Pillars of Digital Marketing, along with its Traditional Marketing counterpart.

See how this holistic best practices approach to Marketing can open up vast opportunities to grow your services business. With a little training, the 7 Pillars system can be implemented by anyone, including non-technical business owners. The Digital Pillars are 1) Content, 2) Design, 3) Search, 4) Media, 5) CRM, 6) Social and 7) Mobile. Relevant industry case studies, that also integrate Traditional marketing pillars, will be shared.

You will be able to start implementing new strategies right away after this practical, hands-on training session.

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