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Ajustco Wins Gold Medal @ INPEX Show

Ajustco is proud not only to have participated in the Inpex® Inventions Show in Pittsburgh (PA) but also to have won the Gold Medal for the Hardware/Tools Category with its unique concept: a door lock that adjusts on its own – AjustLock. Inpex is the largest show for Inventions in US.

Since its launch in May 2013, Ajustco’s barrel bolt lock collection has rapidly achieved unique positioning in the hardware marketplace, with innovative features like an adjustable catch and beveled strike.

“This an incredibly important award not only because it is the first one for Ajustco, but also because it validates our efforts to bring an incredibly effective product to the hardware and home improvement market" says Co-Founder & CEO Jason Stile.

Jason’s Co-Founder & Marketing Director, Arman Rousta adds "Not only was this a great opportunity to present AjustLock in front of world class entrepreneurs, but winning such an important distinction elevates our brand into a new category, where excellence and product quality is now expected of us."

Being the first major innovation to the barrel bolt lock in over 100 years, the Patent Pending AjustLock looks like it’s living up to those expectations, as the young product is already setting the new standard for barrel bolt locks.