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Spring is here and we are super excited about our year 3 which has officially begun. Next week we will be in Las Vegas where it all started but this time in a 20X20 peninsula with our overhead sign so it will be easy to locate us. We will be in booth 46053. Come stop by and see us if you will be in the area.

As of now we have 51 SKU’s available. In just 2 years we have had to grow fast. We have barrel bolts, slide bolts, pad bolts and a few merchandising display packages. By next year we should also have tower bolts and Brenton bolts followed by surface bolts.  If you google these names you will see that they are just different styles of door locks. The one thing they all hold in common is that they can benefit from having our AjustLock technology applied to them to solve the offset issue they all face due to gravity or temperate changes.

We also have a variety of finishes. We have traditional silver zinc, yellow zinc (brass color), black, stainless, and we have galvanized on the way.  Later we will launch brushed bronze, nickel, and other finishes to match whatever hinges or door knob you have on your door or gate. There are many options that we can expand into as we move forward.

A company needs to launch new products to keep the energy moving.  Look at cars and cell phones.  Every year they are unveiling the latest innovations and upgrades to their line. 

That said, we do have a new item we are working on that falls under the Adjustable category to remain in line with our company foundation (AJUSTCO).  How could we not continue to innovate?  That is the very core of this company. We make game changing adjustments to outdated products. We look forward to launching it. In the meantime we are plenty busy with expanding the Ajustlock product line with plenty of runway to keep us busy for years to come.

To Be Continued…