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Las Vegas, NV (5/7/13) - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Ajustco Founder Dreams Up the AjustLock Barrel Bolt

Who says dreams can't come true?  

Four years ago, electrician - Jason Stile - encountered a highly frustrating situation, while doing some volunteer construction work, and dream of a solution to the problem, which he subsequently named AjustLock.  "Ajust" without the "d" because the product and company represent a philosophy that Jason shares with his Co-Founder, friend and serial Entrepreneur, Arman Rousta - one of being noble in life and always standing up for just causes. Based on that principle, they named their new company Ajustco, which is short for "A Just Company", that makes just products by making simple adjustments to existing products that make them well...just better.

The Patent Pending AjustLock solves the common problem whereby doors, gates and stalls get misaligned due to loosing of the hinges, and the barrel bolt lock no longer secures the door properly. The typical solution to this age-old problem would be to shift one or both parts of the lock back into alignment, which requires unscrewing them, drilling new holes and then patching and painting the old holes.  Stile wanted to come up with a better solution to this dilemma, and his dreams provided the answer. Today, with the formal market introduction of AjustLock, at the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas, the management duo, supported by an array of angel investors and incubation by Blueliner Marketing, is bringing Stile's dream to life.

"I knew from the start that my dream had to become a reality" said Stile, "no matter what it took. That is why I approached the most successful people that I know for advice, partnership and investment. I am learning from them, and together, we are going to make a lot more dreams come true."

AjustLock threatens to unseat a cadre of current household names that sell what Stile calls "now outdated" barrel bolt locks, in what is a billion dollar slice of the enormous global hardware security market. "There is no reason to use the old lock anymore" adds Rousta, "as Jason's invention renders is obsolete. It is like when they added wheels to the suitcase - you just don't see the old product in use much after a while. Within five years, we believe that AjustLock will be the de facto barrel bolt lock."

Ajustco benefits from having Rousta on board, due to his previous successes in building and launching products from scratch, and then taking them through successful exits.  He now runs Blueliner, which invested infrastructure, marketing and digital technology resources into Ajustco that have helped the startup company off the ground.  "I believe that Jason has all the qualities of a first-class entrepreneur" notes Rousta, "determination, high and positive energy, incredible social skills, problem solving ability and strong personal ethics."

The company is expecting its first large production order of AjustLock units, in two sizes (4 inch barrel bolt and 6 inch barrel bolt) and two colors (Zinc Plated and Brass Plated) within 45 days. The product is being manufactured in China, and warehoused in Pennsylvania, where quality assurance and fulfillment partner, ISI (also an investor in Ajustco) plans to ensure a successful distribution process. The initial sales targets will be the 20,000+ local hardware stores across the United States, and distributors who service them.  Ajustco is in the process of interviewing Manufacturer's Reps who can help to accelerate the process of getting AjustLock in stores. Interested parties can learn more about the product, company and opportunities at www.ajustco.com

Anyone attending the National Hardware Show can visit Ajustco at Booth #8047.

About Ajustco, LLC
Ajustco is the inventor and manufacturer of AjustLock, a patent-pending barrel bolt product. Based in New York City, Ajustco is run by Co-Founder and CEO, Jason Stile, and incubated by established marketing agency, Blueliner Marketing. Blueliner's CEO, Arman Rousta, is a Co-Founder in the company as well. Ajustco is a product development company that solves common problems with simple, practical solutions.

About Blueliner Marketing, LLC
Blueliner is a top-notch, full service marketing agency, with a specialization in digital marketing and product development. Blueliner Labs is the incubator division of the company, which has invested in Ajustco, as well as other startup ventures. The New York based company has an international presence, with offices in Asia, Europe and Latin America. Blueliner is the pioneer of the 7 Pillars of Digital Marketing, a methodology for planning, implementing and analyzing digital marketing campaigns.