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Working on building a company from the ground up requires a certain attitude. That attitude is “I am willing to do whatever it takes to get this project off the ground”. Now, this same attitude is held by the one who follows ethics and morals and by the one who doesn't care about other people. I have chosen the ethical and moral road and that seems to take longer but in the end you get to keep what you built and your friends and family still like you. The greedy impatient one gets to the goal quickly but destroys everything on the way.

In the beginning when I first had the dream for Ajustlock I told my girlfriend who is now my fiancé about the idea, and her take on it was that it would be a waste of time and risky. That is not an easy thing to ignore when one is working full time knowing how much energy and time it is going to take to manifest this project. Fortunately I didn’t listen to her and she is grateful for my rebelliousness.

I remember pitching angel investors online, in personal meetings, and at pitch events in front of 100+ investors for over 1 year receiving a lot of NO’s. They were telling me they liked the new adjustable barrel bolt product but that it wasn't there cup of tea. My mind told me to give up a thousand times but I kept pressing on. I realized through trial and error that I needed to pitch the right investor, someone who would have a passion for my type of product, not just anyone with money looking to invest.

We started manufacturing in early 2013 producing dies and packaging. For those who have never produced a product using metal dies and stamping it is a tedious process getting the product perfect and market ready. Our manufacturer kept making mistakes and I needed product for our worldwide debut in Las Vegas. It was 5 days before the show and I didn't have a functioning unit in hand. What did I do?  I did what any obsessive entrepreneur would do. I flew to China for 1 day to visit our factory and push them hard to get me a few finalized units I could display to every important retail buyer in the world. It worked. I was on a plane longer than I was in China but I got the job done. 

I realize that whatever you are doing, working a 9-5, raising children, digging into your inner world to know yourself, or building a company, every day you are presented with an assignment or a challenge. If you approach that assignment with present moment awareness and give it your best and full attention until it is dealt with fully, than you move up one more step of the ladder. It is as if life gives you a plate of food to eat every day and if you don’t eat it you can’t throw it away. It just stays on the plate and rots. We must clean the plate so we can eat the food that is placed there tomorrow. Each day has its assignments. 

Remember to enjoy the journey because that is where the beauty is. I have found that at the top of the ladder there is a plateau and just ahead is another ladder to climb. And when life presents a challenge that seems impossible to solve, consider it a gift, because life must deem you worthy of something great but it is not going to give it to you so easy. You have to prove you are ready to handle the responsibility that comes with whatever it is you are seeking. Enjoy the journey seekers.


Jason Stile

Ajustco Founder