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An important part of new product and company launches is telling a story.  There are many ways to do so, which is the job of the marketing group to figure out which ways can be most effective.  Ajustco's marketing agency of record, Blueliner, is overseeing an integrated marketing campaign, that includes multiple types of video production, digital marketing and creative merchandising strategies, such as the creation of interactive quarter pallet displays and power wing, sidekick displays for hardware stores.

This clever 90 second animation shows one of the most frequent and frustrating problems faced by homeowners, apartment tenants, contractors and anyone who has ever used a public bathroom stall - door lock shift and misalignment, which prevents doors, gates and stalls from being locked properly. AjustLock, the new adjustable barrel bolt lock, by Ajustco, is heralded as the "hero" which saves the day. "It's Just Better" tagline says it all.

Kudos to Director, Danny Klein, Brand Strategist @ Blueliner, as well as Animator, Moran Barir, for their creative work!