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Ajustco at National Hardware Show

In May 2013, Ajustco chose the National Hardware Show as the platform to introduce AjustLock into the $343 billion dollar US home improvement and DIY industry. The 2014 NHS will mark the one year anniversary of AjustLock’s launch; where the product has gone from an unknown new kid on the block to an industry-recognized innovation.

The globally Patent Pending AjustLock solves the common problem of doors, gates and stalls becoming misaligned due to the loosening of hinges and swelling of doors, causing barrel bolt locks to no longer secures doors properly. Just one year after Ajustco’s first appearance at NHS, AjustLock is in its third production run, with 250,000+ units either sold or in stock across their global distribution centers. The product line has expanded rapidly, from 4 SKUs when launched to over 40 SKUs today. Ajustco anticipates producing at least 1 million units for global distribution this year alone. It goes without saying that AjustLock is making its mark on the industry as the new standard in barrel bolt locks.

“There is no reason to use the old lock anymore" notes Co-Founder, Arman Rousta, "as Jason’s invention renders it obsolete.  It is like when they added wheels to the suitcase - you just don't see the old product in use much after a while.  Within five years, we believe that AjustLock will be the de facto bolt lock, effectively phasing out present day models."

Starting May 6th, at NHS, you can see the revolutionary adjustable barrel bolt lock in action. AjustLock will be located at booth 8008, with Rousta and his Co-Founder and CEO, Jason Stile, on hand, showcasing their custom built 10x20 foot, interactive AjustLock display.