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Furthering Ajustco's European Campaign

 Ajustco at International Eisenwarenmesse Koln or Cologne Hardware Show

Ajustco’s first appearance in Germany was anything but average! Kicking off on March 9th, the International Eisenwarenmesse Koln (or Cologne) Hardware Show was “impressive by its sheer size and breadth alone”, according to Ajustco’s co-founder Arman Rousta. Showcasing 2,665 exhibitors from 50 countries and 53,500 visitors from 132 counties, Eisenwarenmesse has been the world’s number 1 hardware show for over 50 years. It goes without saying that this was the perfect venue for AjustLock’s European inauguration.

Recently partnering with one of the largest European hardware retailer, B&Q, AjustLock had already begun to establish its value as the new standard in lock hardware. Bringing many continents together, Eisenwarenmesse not only helped promote AjustLock’s innovative barrel bolt lock design to many countries not yet explored, but it was also was a great place to gain insight into Europe’s unique production and packaging of hardware. With this newly gained knowledge, AjustLock is now able to market specifically to Europe’s dealer and customer needs. "We have a lot more language translations to work on for our packaging and marketing materials as a result of this exposure. It's a good problem to have!" noted Rousta.

Ajustco's mission is to provide simple solutions to common problems, thereby making people's daily lives more satisfying. The trip to Germany showed Ajustco that “the market for AjustLock is greater than imagined. This is truly a global problem that AjustLock is solving”, said Jason Stile, Ajustco’s CEO and co-founder.