August 11, 2014

Ajustco Headed to Orgill’s Fall Dealer Market

Award Winning AjustLock to Showcase in Chicago

Ajustco will arrive in Chicago on August 14th, showcasing its 10x20 foot high-tech exhibit booth, featuring an LCD screen display streaming award winning commercials and video. Orgill Inc., a leading distributor for retailers across the United States and in more than 60 countries throughout the world, advertises its “Dealer Markets” as an opportunity for retailers to meet more than 1,000 different exhibitors.

NRHA recently announced Ajustco as the winner of The Whole Packaging Award for The AjustLock Interactive QuarterPallet Display and Honorable Mention for the AjustLock 6'' Heavy Duty Zinc-Plated Barrel Bolt Lock at the 2014 National Hardware Show. Ajustco also won the Retailers’ Choice Award, where products are specifically chosen by retailers, on the show floor, and are considered the most innovative products out on the market today. At the ceremony, Ajustco was referred to by NRHA as the “talk of the show”.

Stop by booth #125 to see the award winning AjustLock and Interactive Quarter Pallet Display in action! Don’t forget to ask about our dealer spiffs.

June 16, 2014

Ajustco Co-Founder Keynote Speaker at WebCongress New York City

The 7 Pillars of Digital Marketing - WebCongress Digital Marketing Event

Ajustco Co-founder and Blueliner CEO, Arman Rousta will be the keynote speaker at the upcoming WebCongress New York digital marketing event on June 25th, at the Flatiron Hotel in NYC.  Rousta will be discussing his digital marketing solution strategy “The 7 Pillars of Digital Marketing”. WebCongress New York will immerse its attendees in the unique W Experience, which focuses on being inspired by, networking with and learning digital marketing insights from the digital marketing experts. Since its inception, WebCongress has worked with some of the most prestigious tech and internet companies such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, YouTube, Samsung, Spotify, Skpe and Intel. 

For more information on registration, please visit

June 06, 2014

Ajustco Commemorates One Year of Operations

Ajustco hosted a private celebration of its first full year of operations

Co-Founders host prominent investors at private dinner

Ajustco recently hosted over 40 shareholders and colleagues last night for a private celebration of the company’s first full year of operations, at Providence Restaurant near Columbus Circle in New York City.  Jason Stile, CEO and Co-Founder, was joined by Co-Founder and Blueliner CEO, Arman Rousta to make a speech thanking their supporters, which include some high-profile investors such as a former Bloomberg Co-Founder.

“It is so exciting to share the passion, infectious enthusiasm and visionary leadership that both Jason and Arman have and continue to provide Ajustco”, expressed investor Jamie Walsh on how it feels to be a part of the Ajustco adventure.

Stile added, “Without you guys there is no fuel for this ship to keep going. The investor’s financial support is critical for the ultimate success of the venture.”

Ajustco has partnered with Blueliner, a New York City based Digital Marketing Agency, to promote AjustLock over the past year. “Ajustco is a venture that I am very proud of, for how we are literally making dreams come true. Jason saw our flagship product, AjustLock, in a dream, and I had a dream that verified the product’s value. And now, with the help of our shareholders and a globally-integrated Blueliner team, we are bringing those dreams into reality.  Year 1 was a tremendous learning experience for us – and we have gone from an unknown entity to an up-and-coming industry brand. The best is yet to come” stated Rousta.

The sky is the limit for Ajustco as the global market for barrel and slide bolt locks is estimated to be over $500 million.

April 16, 2014

Ajustco Celebrates First Birthday at National Hardware Show

Ajustco at National Hardware Show

In May 2013, Ajustco chose the National Hardware Show as the platform to introduce AjustLock into the $343 billion dollar US home improvement and DIY industry. The 2014 NHS will mark the one year anniversary of AjustLock’s launch; where the product has gone from an unknown new kid on the block to an industry-recognized innovation.

The globally Patent Pending AjustLock solves the common problem of doors, gates and stalls becoming misaligned due to the loosening of hinges and swelling of doors, causing barrel bolt locks to no longer secures doors properly. Just one year after Ajustco’s first appearance at NHS, AjustLock is in its third production run, with 250,000+ units either sold or in stock across their global distribution centers. The product line has expanded rapidly, from 4 SKUs when launched to over 40 SKUs today. Ajustco anticipates producing at least 1 million units for global distribution this year alone. It goes without saying that AjustLock is making its mark on the industry as the new standard in barrel bolt locks.

“There is no reason to use the old lock anymore" notes Co-Founder, Arman Rousta, "as Jason’s invention renders it obsolete.  It is like when they added wheels to the suitcase - you just don't see the old product in use much after a while.  Within five years, we believe that AjustLock will be the de facto bolt lock, effectively phasing out present day models."

Starting May 6th, at NHS, you can see the revolutionary adjustable barrel bolt lock in action. AjustLock will be located at booth 8008, with Rousta and his Co-Founder and CEO, Jason Stile, on hand, showcasing their custom built 10x20 foot, interactive AjustLock display.

April 15, 2014

Ajustco's Cologne Hardware Show Debut

Furthering Ajustco's European Campaign

 Ajustco at International Eisenwarenmesse Koln or Cologne Hardware Show

Ajustco’s first appearance in Germany was anything but average! Kicking off on March 9th, the International Eisenwarenmesse Koln (or Cologne) Hardware Show was “impressive by its sheer size and breadth alone”, according to Ajustco’s co-founder Arman Rousta. Showcasing 2,665 exhibitors from 50 countries and 53,500 visitors from 132 counties, Eisenwarenmesse has been the world’s number 1 hardware show for over 50 years. It goes without saying that this was the perfect venue for AjustLock’s European inauguration.

Recently partnering with one of the largest European hardware retailer, B&Q, AjustLock had already begun to establish its value as the new standard in lock hardware. Bringing many continents together, Eisenwarenmesse not only helped promote AjustLock’s innovative barrel bolt lock design to many countries not yet explored, but it was also was a great place to gain insight into Europe’s unique production and packaging of hardware. With this newly gained knowledge, AjustLock is now able to market specifically to Europe’s dealer and customer needs. "We have a lot more language translations to work on for our packaging and marketing materials as a result of this exposure. It's a good problem to have!" noted Rousta.

Ajustco's mission is to provide simple solutions to common problems, thereby making people's daily lives more satisfying. The trip to Germany showed Ajustco that “the market for AjustLock is greater than imagined. This is truly a global problem that AjustLock is solving”, said Jason Stile, Ajustco’s CEO and co-founder.

April 08, 2014

Ajustco Makes It's Mark in Orlando

Ajustco Launches Trade Show Season at Orgill

Ajustco at Orgill Spring Show with its Innovative Barrel Bolt Products

Launching Ajustco’s 2014 trade show world tour, Orgill’s Spring Show was the perfect place to start! Orgill Inc., a leading distributor for retailers across the United States and in more than 60 countries throughout the world, advertises its “Dealer Markets” as an opportunity for retailers to meet more than 1,000 different exhibitors. Arriving on scene February 27th, AjustLock shined among those exhibitors in its second Orgill show at the Orlando, Florida venue.

With AjustLock's brand new 10x20 foot exhibit, it was hard not to stop by this high-tech booth.  A2 Exhibits' design featured a three dimensional lock graphic and an LCD display streaming video and commercials of AjustLock. Several new merchandising displays were also on hand for retailers to see just how innovative AjustLock is.

In just three days, Ajustco sold more than ten times the amount that it sold at it's first in 2013.  With over 100 new stores added to the growing list, Co-Founder, Arman Rousta pointed out how this revolutionizing line of barrel bolt locks, pad bolt and slide bolt lock simply "sold themselves".

“We listened to dealers and the Orgill buyers back in August, at our first show” noted Co-Founder Jason Stile, and the market is clearly responding to how we evolved our presence for this show - adding actual gates and cabinets that demonstrate our product’s functionality, and presenting our displays with the innovative ‘Try Me’ feature.” From the cutting-edge display to the ingenious barrel bolt design, it is easy see how Ajustco made its mark at Orgill. Next stop on the world tour is Cologne, Germany, for the world’s largest hardware show.